Engineering, scientific, program management, and strategic services for U.S. Government and commercial customers.

TacitEdge provides distinguished technical and program management services throughout program lifecycles. We support civil and military U.S. Government clients, as well as commercial clients, all with the same zeal.

For our Government clients, we support technology acquisition through pre-program studies, program formulation, solicitation, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation, technical and programmatic insight and oversight, field testing, and technology transition.

For commercial clients, we lead and augment project teams developing designs and intellectual property. We are more than analysts and designers - our team includes elite professionals with demonstrated track records across billions of dollars of high-profile programs.

Our experience on both commercial and government sides benefits all of our clients. We are able to understand the mindset of each client's counterparts, and best advise each client to achieve win-win outcomes.

TacitEdge uniquely places the highest priority on loyalty to our people and our clients. This is how we attract, cultivate, and retain outstanding teams to support our clients.

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